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 Merry Christmas Friends!!


We hope EVERYONE has stayed healthy this year. We are all very blessed to have stayed healthy and to be busy, especially with golf being something that was still allowed this year.


If you need any gifts for the golfers on your list, we do have some merchandise set up in the warehouse. Feel free to "swing" by Monday- Friday, 9am-4pm. Please give us a call to make sure we are here though.

We are requiring masks to be worn when in our building, but we'd love to see you stop by. This seems to be the new norm for now, and we want to keep it safe for everyone.


We would like to offer a couple Christmas Specials...

            Monterey Varsity Stand Bags- $ 35.00 each 

                   Colors: Hunter Green or Purple Only

             Wilson Duo  Golf Balls  - Reg. $16 Dz.    

                     Special  $ 10.00 Dz.    White or Yellow  

             Wilson Duo  Optix Golf Balls - Reg. $ 16 Dz.   

                     Special $10.00 Dz. Matte Finish Bright Colors:  Yellow, Green, Blue or Pink.

              Wilson Chaos- 24 Ball Pack- Reg. $ 15.50 Pk.  

                     Special $ 13.00/ 24 Balls-   White or Mixed Colors

              Srixon 2020 Soft Feel- Reg. $ 17 Dz.   

                      Special $ 15.00 Dz.   White, Yellow, Bright Orange, Bright Green,  Ladies: White or Pink


We currently have a handful of 3 wheel golf carts here... Its first come, first serve on those.

Give us a call at 708-474-9272, and we wish you a very Merry Holiday Season!!!

Your Friends at Cam Golf...

Donna, Brian, Helyn, Teresa, Rob and Keith


Cam Golf Warehouse

     2251 E. 198th Street *  Lynwood, IL 60411